Manual Galeria póstuma (Portuguese Edition)

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  2. Manual Galeria póstuma (Portuguese Edition)
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La verseuse (1916) - Robert Delaunay (1885-1941)

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Manual Galeria póstuma (Portuguese Edition)

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It's not usual to want to go and meet a man you only met for the first time the day before and, what's more, want to be made love to by him, specially when you still love your husband. Anyway, I got the bus fancy, with all our money I still got the bus, chiefly because it was a nuisance phoning up for a taxi from a box, but I certainly would pick up a taxi in town near the Town Hall and come home in that and went into town to this furrier's, Einstein's, which is a very famous name in things other than furs but I can't think what, and there was my lovely mink all ready for me, there having been a bit of an alteration that had to be made to the collar.

I'd already paid for it, of course, and the cheque had gone through the bank or whatever had to be done to it, and everybody was all smiles and bows at the furrier's. That's one thing I love about the Jews, their politeness and attentiveness and their real desire to sell you something, not like the rest of the people in England. To give you an example of the rest of the shop-people in Bradcaster, I went to one big store to buy three dozen nylons, and the girl just couldn't care less about it and so I said 'Nevermind' and walked out, blazing. Anyway, with my mink on and looking the picture of wealth and loveliness, I wondered about going to meet somebody who was only a poet and a bit dirty and scruffy as well, to meet him moreover in his bedroom after only meeting him the day before when, first, he'd wolfed down all the walnut cake and, second, he'd been drunk and had to be put to bed and snored all night.

Nazaré () - IMDb

But this was my new life and I could do what I wanted, thanks very much. I supposed it was a bit early yet to see if Redvers Glass had arrived at this hotel. I decided I would go and have a drink all on my own at the Royal, which had a lovely cocktail bar with soft lights and I knew Agnes who served behind the bar, because once she'd been on the cash registers at the Hastings Road Supermarket.

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When I walked in with my mink you could see everybody having a good look and I was very proud, though my heart was thudding away for one reason or another. She was smart in a platinum blonde beaky kind of way, and as it was only just gone eleven there weren't many in the bar and she could have a really good look and be really envious. Just like the Queen. Still, I didn't pretend to be a great lady, though everything I wore was expensive, except my perfume.

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I'd bought a very big Schiaparelli Shocking, but to my nose there was less flavour or smell to it than what I always used, which was a reasonable-priced perfume called Juillet, which I pronounced as Juliet. Here I was being a real Juliet, going to meet my Romeo very secretly. I wish they'd let us read that or act it at school, but we were always told that we wouldn't really like Shakespeare or dig it, rather, it was real square, man.

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Anyway, I ordered a double gin for myself, with very sweet vermouth, and I asked Agnes what she would have, and she had the same. Then I had another, and I got both more calm and confident and at the same time more excited. But I didn't blab anything out, which is always a big temptation, but very dangerous to another woman, even a close friend, mark my words. Well, it was time for me to go and my knees felt very weak, and Agnes said, 'You look a bit queer, love, you shouldn't drink that very sweet vermouth,' but I said I was all right.

I hadn't said anything about what time I'd be back, and after all it was Howard who'd told me to clear out and do some shopping, but I thought if I got back at about one-thirty that would be all right. After all, Howard had had a good big breakfast and, anyway, he had to go out by himself, I remembered, something about arranging foreign currency for this trip abroad with the bank. Anyway, Howard had been frowning a lot about foreign money.

So he'd be at the bank this morning getting money and traveller's cheques and things. I walked round with my head up, playing it cool as Mr.

Historias Sem Data by Machado de Assis

Slessor would say, to the Swinging Lamp, a nice little hotel, and one or two of the rougher element of the town who were not working gave me the old wolf-whistle, but I kept my head well up in the air. I ought to mention that it was a cold misty sort of a day, but I was lovely and warm. And warm. Get it? I felt a bit shy about asking for Mr. Glass at the reception desk, but I did, and they didn't look at me strangely, as you might expect. The girl said, 'One moment, madam,' having a good look at my mink, of course, while she said that. Then she rang up to the room and then she said to me, 'What name shall I say? I had my gloves on and so nobody could tell whether I was engaged, married or what.

Well, as it was on the first floor, I walked up the stairs, and even after the one flight I was panting a bit, but of course that wasn't all to do with climbing stairs. I found the room, No. I'd read once in some woman's paper, Female, I think it was, about a poet who just leapt on women, Lord Byron it was, who married his own sister or something, why couldn't they teach us about him at school?

Well, this was Redvers Glass, too him all over. All over me, I should say. He had this mink of mine off and just lying on the floor of this little room of his, and he had his arms round me and his mouth on mine, he was like a madman, he seemed to want me so badly.

Download PDF Galeria póstuma (Portuguese Edition)

It was funny, a man from London, where all the girls are smart and sophisticated, and the son of a sir, too, wanting me with a kind of hunger like that. I felt very queer, I can tell you. I'd never known anything like this before. It makes me blush now to tell about all this, the way he had me on that bed and sort of undressed very skilfully without too much tugging and swearing at straps and things. When I say he seemed to be hungry for me I don't mean that he was selfish, the way some men are. He was hungry to make me love him and want him to love me.

First of all I felt ashamed and guilty about Howard, but then this that was going on became far more important than any of those feelings. I just wanted him, that was all, and what I wanted he wanted, too. He did everything right without selfishness, but was still sort of wild and very excited about it all and kept saying, 'Oh, God, this is too much, I don't deserve all this,' over and over. They often talk about time standing still, but I always thought it was just a saying and didn't mean anything, but I should have thought days and days or at least hours went by, but it was less than half an hour from start to finish.

When it was all over and I felt really relaxed and on top of the world he was gentle and tender and loving then. I noticed that he'd had a shave before I came up to his room, and he smelled of after-shave lotion, a spicy one, different from Howard's. But I just didn't know, it was a bit difficult.