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Now, in the rare cases when turtles are hooked, about nine out of 10 are released unharmed or with only minor injuries. A native of the coastal city of Guayaquil, Guerrero always loved the ocean, but protecting such a coveted resource from fishers seemed far-fetched. Although the islands are best known for the oddball creatures that Charles Darwin spied on land—think giant tortoises, finches, and blue-footed boobies—they also offer some of the most productive marine ecosystems in the eastern Pacific.

Guerrero and his team were tasked with implementing the special law and management plan, which involved, among other things, banning large tuna vessels from its waters. Guerrero, however, knew their operations as well as any seasoned sea captain.

As a young marine biologist in the s, he worked as a fisheries monitor on those same vessels, collecting the kind of data that would eventually lead to the first rules to protect dolphins in Ecuador and neighboring countries. Trapped on a ship for months at a time, Guerrero learned how to manage interpersonal relationships and navigate potentially dicey situations. A skipper once pulled out a rifle and shot sharks in a net just to provoke him.

Through the design and implementation of a participatory management system for the reserve, he and his team helped the fishers plan for a sustainable fishery. A study found that the tuna fleet also benefits from the reserve, which has increased the harvest of yellowfin and skipjack tuna outside its boundaries. In , he was hired by WWF-Ecuador and got the chance to find out.

But about eight years ago, the two men realized they both wanted the same thing: to make the Ecuadorian purse seine tuna business more sustainable. Out by the company docks, a half-dozen men are lashing together bamboo poles into what looks like a raft. They flip the raft, tie fishing floats to it, wrap it in nylon webbing, and attach long white ropes like the tentacles of a jellyfish.

Unlike in Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela, where fishers follow dolphins to find schools of tuna, the Ecuadorian fleet uses FADs to bring the fish to them. A large vessel may set out more than devices in open water. The FADs attract large tuna, but can also kill juvenile fish and entangle sea turtles and sharks.

Over time, they deteriorate or get lost—more ghost gear littering the ocean.

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A crew member pulls a net full of pomada shrimp aboard a trawler off the coast of Posorja, Ecuador. There may be a different way. Another bamboo raft in the yard is a prototype, this one wrapped in a natural material that looks like burlap. In field tests, these rafts have been just as successful as traditional ones at luring tuna.

long game - Wiktionary

Unfortunately, the rafts have survived only 45 days in the water; they need to last at least three months to be economically viable. He believes other producers will be inspired to adopt the same practices in order to compete in European and US markets. Such rules are considered the first step for science-based fisheries management, requiring immediate actions if stocks fall below predefined thresholds.

The measure was ultimately approved, creating a level playing field for all producers. Ba ck on the whale watching boat, researcher Castro drops a hydrophone into the drink and connects it to a pair of speakers propped up on a seat. She turns up the volume, and the tourists on board get to eavesdrop on the eerie, moaning songs of humpbacks. The fact that whales can coexist with fishers in these jam-packed waters is a testament to the trust that Guerrero and his colleagues have been able to foster with local communities.

Playing The Long Game

Hearing that such a sentiment came straight from the mouth of a fisher is the reason Guerrero is able to stay optimistic about the future. View all issues h. World Wildlife Fund 24th Street, N. Washington, DC Search Search w.

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She explained to them why her diverse coalition would also benefit them, whether or not they chose to vote for her. As a result, more white Democrats in Georgia voted for her than any for any candidate since Bill Clinton. Her campaign doubled youth turnout; tripled Latino turnout; and tripled Asian-Pacific Islander turnout. In , 1. But four years later, 1. But the thing that kept Ms. Abrams from the governorship is the thing that is keeping other African-Americans and people of color from office in many places — voter suppression.

Her opponent, Brian Kemp, had created such an obstacle course of discrimination, no one can really say that the election was fair. As secretary of state during the campaign, he held 53, voter registrations hostage under the exact match law, which penalized typos, missing hyphens and other tiny things.

Seven out of 10 of those registrations came from black voters, who made up only around 30 percent of eligible voters. He purged rolls, reduced the number of polling machines and did many other things to limit the impact of black voters in the state. Incidentally, he molded the electoral landscape to favor him. Sadly, Ms. Abrams also has experience going toe-to-toe with politicians who are determined to block minorities from the ballot box.

Without the federal safety net of preclearance, many states are free to enact discriminatory voter restrictions and find new ways to diminish and dilute minority votes. That leaves teams of lawyers, organizers, citizens and elected officials to fight voter suppression state-by-state. In the wake of his victory, Republican state officials immediately enacted burdensome and unnecessary voting restrictions. Voter suppression played a key role in narrow Democratic losses by Ms. The work of building and strengthening our democracy is often done by independent third-party groups, run by women of color, who are expert at long-term organizing, canvassing and turnout, like the New Florida Majority and the New Virginia Majority.

Their work benefits every citizen, regardless of political affiliation.