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I know that our holy books have all been written by man and not by God, Ishvara, Jehovah, Dao or Allah. They contain what people believed back then and a lot of these things are stupid. Yeah you heard righ a lot of the things written in the bible and in the Quran Koran and the other of these books are stupid and very wrong.

We will find and be given more of God Allah, Ishvara or Jehovah in the future. But until then if you believe that those books are true because of their big name you are very mistaken.

If you try to be as good, nice, caring, loving as you can be I say that this is then the only rule that gets you to getting better. I tell you that all holy books and holy traditions contain errors, really all of them.


For example in the Bible is an in my view stupid and completely untrue chapter called the Revelation of St. This is just nonsense from start to end of that chapter. While true religion in being good, nice, loving and caring is of a great worth. People wrote these holy books like Quran or Torah to help other people finding the right way.

Not to make people slaves too books. Make yourself a slave to the caring God Ishvara and never make yourself a slave to a book. The Bible is full of stupid things: for example some rules of how you have to treat your slaves. Even though back then slave owning seemed normal, from the perspective today we have learned that Jesus would not allow us to have slaves. But a lot of the biblical texts where written long before Jesus. Actually if the Bible was the word of God it would even say things that we have not even realized today.

But the Bible is full of wrong and stupid ideas. We need to be critical with the Bible or Quran in order to devide the great and true things from the wrong ones. In Leviticus the old part of the bible, as I said all before Jesus came, it says: It is ok to have slaves, You may posses them and they shall serve you forever, but do not rule with strength over your brothers in the state of Israel.

Well everybody sees: somebody wanted to promote Gods love but was to much afraid or not knowing enough to apply this love to everybody and everything. And since slaves where normal back then, he just keeps this system. But God would have known and the Bible is full of stuff like this.

If you would read the Bible you would see that the words taken from Jesus seem to be much better then the other texts. He really applies Gods love to everybody, and says some really intelligent stuff.

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But the stupid things start again as soon as Jesus is gone and his deciples start writing more texts for the Bible. But some of there own ideas of how to live right are not so good. For example the desciples of Jesus really speak of homosexuality as being a sin while this is just wrong.

Religion: The Tanakh [Full Text]

If you want to read in the Bible the part that speaks of Jesus you will find that it is a very little part in the Bible. So you can really read all offical stuff about Jesus in a few evenings. The part of the Bible that is about Jesus is called the gospels. Only these four rather short chapters of the bible are about the life and speaking of Jesus. And the parts that then follow in this book are writings from Jeuss disciples about what Jesus said. So only the new testament of the Bible is about Jesus, and I tell you this is intelligent stuff. The big Bible mistakes always come from other parts in the Bible.

Slaves, no homosexuality, women have to listen to men all these wrong things are usually from older chapters.

Art of Three Faiths: A Torah, a Bible, and a Qur’an - Fine Art Connoisseur

Today, kosher sweets of this kind are prepared with either fish gelatin or a plant-based thickening agent made from seaweed. Gelatin is utilized not only in foodstuffs, but also in the pharmaceutical field, especially for preparing easily swallowed medication capsules. Figure 3. Halal status of medications. Chapter 2 Verse of the Koran says: He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah.

But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. What is crucial here is that the believer is not consuming these capsules as a food, and not out of enjoyment, but rather for the maintenance or restoration of health. Muslims are able to fall back directly on the Koran [20]:. O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan.

Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. And to those who are Jews We prohibited every animal of uncloven hoof; and of the cattle and the sheep We prohibited to them their fat, except what adheres to their backs or the entrails or what is joined with bone. And indeed, We are truthful.

Preserving agents based ultimately on petroleum products always qualify as kosher or halal.

Jewish English Bible translations - Wikipedia

Examples include benzoic, sorbic, acetic, and propionic acids, as well as their sodium and potassium salts. On the other hand, manufacturing processes for lactic, tartaric, and citric acids are generally based on natural starting materials, and are subjected to careful scrutiny with respect to the extent to which animal sources may somehow have been utilized. Another problematic case involves the production of wine vinegar, which may entail bacterial fermentation either of wine itself or of a diluted grain alcohol.

Kosher wine vinegar may only be prepared from a kosher wine. In the fermentation of what is essentially a mixture of pure ethanol and water, nutrients must be added to permit growth of the acetic acid bacteria. Incidentally, since the alcohol solution is prepared from grain, generally wheat, the corresponding vinegar could not be consumed during Passover week. Consumption of all alcohol is forbidden for Muslims, but the acetic acid prepared from ethanol is regarded as a completely new product, one that will be halal so long as the residual alcohol content is minimal under 0. Food colorings of synthetic or plant origin class inherently as halal and kosher. Regardless of source, such dyes, of course, must be recognized as legal for human consumption.

This natural dye is obtained from the scaled insect cochineal Dactylopius coccus found on cacti of the genus Opuntia , native to tropical and subtropical South America and Mexico and bred as well in the Canary Islands. Since consumption of insects is forbidden in both the Jewish and Muslim religions, kosher and halal foods may not contain Natural Red 4. Interestingly, this means Jews are therefore not allowed to drink Campari, whose scarlet color is derived from cochineal insects. Red 18, E , Brilliant Scarlet 4R , though currently listed as a banned carcinogen in the United States, produces the same color, and is inoffensive from a religious standpoint.

Since whey or milk proteins are sometimes present as well, kosher margarine is regarded by Jews as a dairy food, and may thus not be used in the frying of meat. In this context, an interesting chemical detail relates to the hydrogenation of vegetable oils. Hydrogenation of double bonds causes the melting point of a fat to increase, giving what is logically known as a hydrogenated fat. Due to its high reactivity, active Raney nickel must be stored under a layer of oil. In the certification of a kosher or halal margarine production process, the certifying agency pays strict attention to the question of whether the oil employed here is itself appropriately kosher or halal!

Sweeteners like saccharin 3 and cyclamate 4 Fig.

Getty Museum Buys Art by Michelangelo, Parmigianino and More

Only a few milligrams of a sweetener are required to achieve the sweetness of an ordinary sugar cube, so fillers like lactose and magnesium stearate are added to facilitate compression into convenient tablets. Figure 5. Kosher and halal status of sweeteners. A common approach to mitigating the bitter aftertaste of saccharin tablets is the addition of potassium tartrate 5 , a derivative of tartaric acid Fig. This can cause problems for kosher certification, since the wine utilized is almost always non-kosher.

At the molecular level, kosher and non-kosher wines are of course identical, but we must nevertheless accept the fact that, for believers, such demands have a religious rather than a molecular basis. For the vast majority of Jewish authorities, tartaric acid is regarded as kosher even when it is isolated from non-kosher wine, provided the crystals have been dried for 12 months. Drying equipment has in recent decades become much more efficient, however, and commercial tartaric acid today will have only been subjected to drying for a few days.

The evaluation process thus becomes troublesome for the authorities, and various Jewish scholars, and also certifying agencies, have come to different appraisals of tartaric acid.

The requisite l -phenylalanine 7 is today prepared synthetically, and should in principle pose no problems.